12 refrigerator problems and how to fix it


Are you using a refrigerator but does it happen to fail? Here is the 12 refrigerator problems and how to fix it which you can auto check and fix if you want.

12 refrigerator problems and how to fix it
12 refrigerator problems and how to fix it

Whenever a refrigerator problems occurs, the first thing that we always think of is to call a repair mechanic or a company that is going to fix it. But one thing you don’t notice is that there are plenty of bugs of the fridge that you can fix them in a few very simple ways. Our guides below can help you to check and fix simply without the need for a professional refrigerator plumber.

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Refrigerator problems and how to fix

The lamp in the refrigerator does not turn light

Cause: A refrigerator problems most often occurs that is the lamp of the refrigerator. When the bulb is too old or the door’s conversion mechanism is experiencing an error, the bulb in the refrigerator will be lost.

Check and FIX:

– You should first check whether the bulb is burnt or not. If it’s been corrupted due to too long you haven’t changed, you just need to buy new and replace them.

– If the bulb is still normal, this means that the conversion mechanism of the door is broken, you need to check and fix it.

Refrigerators are not running

Cause: There are many causes that happen that your fridge is not running and you can check, fix them in order of the way below:

Check and FIX:

– Check if your refrigerator is plugged into a wall outlet. If this is due to this, you can simply plug it into a wall outlet that the refrigerator may operate normally again.

– If the electric plug is in the wall outlet but still do not see the active refrigerator, you should check if the power outlet is running through the current or not. If it doesn’t mean that your line has been broken and you need to check to fix it.

– Check if the fuse that wins your refrigerator is broken or not? please fix or replace it.

– Check whether the refrigerator’s power cord is broken or damaged.

– Use a meter to test the output voltage see if it has errors

– One of the most frequently occurring resources makes the refrigerator not running that you can fix by eliminating the use of any extension wires.

Also, if this happens after a power outage then you need to check and fix follow: Why the refrigerator not Working After Power Outage

The lamp still works but the refrigerator does not run

Normally there are up to 10 causes of this behavior that you need to check the fix them we listed in the order of detail as follows:

Check and FIX:

– Your current temperature Settings button is not suitable, you need to check and readjust it

– You make sure that the back of the refrigerator is set to a 2 to 3 inch wall

– Alternatively, you can check the condenser coil and make sure that they are clean.

– The next way so that you can use that is unplug the power of the refrigerator out a few hours then plug it back.

– Check and control the temperature inside the refrigerator.

– Check the evaporator fan in the fridge whether it’s faulty or not.

– Check the freeze timer in the refrigerator if it also works stably.

– Check if the relay of the compressor is defective.

– Check if the overload protection of the Cabinet is active or not.

– Testing the compressor engine whether it is active or not

Fridge or freezer than normal

Cause: For this error, usually you only need to check the following 2 things to be able to fix the refrigerator simply:

Check and FIX:

– Check if the temperature control system has stable operation.

– Check the temperature setting button inside the refrigerator whether it is true to the temperature you desire or not.

Your fridge has strange sounds

Cause: The fridge detects strange sounds usually because some parts inside the refrigerator are stuck. Here will be some ways you can check and fix them in order when they appear as follows:

Check and FIX:

– You check whether the surface of the refrigerator is flat or not, if you see not flat you please indicate the bottom of the refrigerator.

– You check whether the refrigerator’s discharge pan is stuck or not, if it have, you need edit it.

– You check if the refrigerator’s condenser fan is stuck or not, if so please handle it.

– You check if the exhaust fan is defective.

– You check whether the compressor bracket is defective.

In addition, it is very possible that the noise generated from the refrigerator is caused by the process of brewing water. You just have to follow the instructions how to fix the noise of the fridge when brewing water

The fridge runs continuously without

Cause: Refrigerated continuous running fridge is one of the causes for your family’s energy costs to rise dramatically. So you’ll often notice whether your refrigerator is disconnected after a run-time or not, if it doesn’t interrupt then you should check out some of the following workarounds to fix:

Check and FIX:

– You check if the condenser coil of the refrigerator has dirt or fault, if it have, you need clean or replace with a new coil.

– You check whether the freezer is defective or not.

– You check whether the refrigerator door is open or not.

Regular refrigerator stops and restarts

Cause: If your family’s fridge is not cold and when you notice it, the refrigerator regularly stops working and then restarts shortly afterwards. You need to check with the solutions below and fix them:

Check and FIX:

– You check whether the condenser coil is dusty or not and clean it up.

– You test the output voltage whether it is defective, as this is one of the most common causes that happen to your refrigerator.

– You check the condenser fan to see if it is defective.

– You check the compressor relay to see if it’s faulty.

– You check the overload protection if it has faulty error.

– You test the compressor engine whether it’s faulty.

Freezer of refrigerated non-freezing refrigerator

Cause: Only 3 major causes for freezer are not likely to defrost:

Check and FIX:

– The defrost timer of a refrigerator or freezer has been defective, you need to consider and replace them.

– The thawing furnace of the refrigerator or freezer has been defective.

– The freezing thermostat of the refrigerator or freezer has been defective.

The fridge smells bad

Cause: Your family’s fridge has unpleasant odors that are caused by having food that has been broken or in a landmark fridge. Here we will be some solutions that can help you to handle this problem easily:

Check and FIX:

– You check if the refrigerator has food broken or not, if there please remove them.

– You check if the interior of the refrigerator is dirty or not, if it dirty you need wipe the entire interior of the refrigerator.

– You can check if the door sealing of the refrigerator is mold or not, if it mold you need use the cheap wet wipe it.

– You check out the wet insulation and remove the strip break.

Refrigerator water flowing to the floor

Cause: If you see there is water on the floor next to the refrigerator, you need to check the following 2 problems for repair:

Check and FIX:

– You check whether the water supply valve for the ice machine is defective or not, if any, you need fix or replace it.

– You check the drain cover if it’s faulty

Inside the refrigerator with water

Cause: If you see in your family’s refrigerator have water then you just need to check and follow our 2 solutions below:

Check and FIX:

– You check and clean the drainage tube of the refrigerator.

– You check the freezer has normal operation, and the temperature in which is maintained at a good level?

Freezer of refrigerated refrigerator

Cause: Refrigerators or freezers that don’t get cold are a frequent error. To overcome this situation for your family’s refrigerator, you need to check and fix it according to our below solutions:

Check and FIX:

– Check the temperature setting.

– Make sure there is enough room for air flow in the refrigerator.

– Test the door switch.

– Test the temperature control.

– Clean the condenser coils.

– Check the door seals.

– Test defrost heater.

– Test defrost timer.

– Check for air flow restrictions in the vents.

– Test evaporator fan.

– Check for a clogged drain tube.

– Check for refrigerant leak.

Over here are 12 refrigerator problems that we usually read by you to help us most. Also, if you are experiencing other refrigerator problems please leave a comment below this article, we will try to send you how to fix them in the earliest time.