5 things you should know before planning a trip to Sweden


Sweden is always an attractive keyword for international tourists because of the fresh air of nature and the gentle lifestyle of indigenous people. Coming to Sweden, tourists always feel the peace and gentleness different from the bustle of a modern Europe.

5 things you should know before planning a trip to Sweden
5 things you should know before planning a trip to Sweden

What time of the year should you travel to Sweden?

As a kingdom located in Northern Europe, Sweden is famous and attracts many tourists around the world for possessing many beautiful natural landscapes and massive, magnificent constructions with great historical significance. In recent years, Sweden has become “hot” for tourism enthusiasts because of its rich but also unique cuisine, Sweden promises to be an attractive tourist destination for visitors.

The weather in Sweden is quite mild and cool. Therefore, you can make your trip at any time is also interesting, each season will bring you the opportunity to admire the beauty of that season.

Winter: The average temperature in winter is about -10 degrees Celsius and it often snows. Traveling to Sweden in the winter, you can not only experience the cold of Sweden, but also participate in a lot of extremely interesting winter sports activities here.

Summer: the temperature is about 17-24 degrees Celsius, light sunshine and not too harsh, it does not make people feel hot, uncomfortable but feel warm to comfort. If you intend to come here to explore the fascinating attractions in Sweden, you should go in the summer, because at this time the weather is quite nice, very suitable for walking.

The hotel sleeps in Sweden

To quickly and conveniently, you can book rooms on Agoda.com to suit individual needs. Here are the hotels and motels that you can refer to:

Acco Hostel

  • Address: Ansgariegatan 10, City Center – Södermalm, Stockholm.
  • The lowest reference room price is about: 31.17 USD.

Spar Hotel Majorna

  • Address: Karl Johansgatan 66-70, Suburbs, Gothenburg.
  • The lowest reference room price is about: 88.31 USD.

STF Malmö City Hostel & Hotel

  • Address: Ranngatan 1, Downtown Malmo, Malmo.
  • The lowest reference room price is about: $ 28.05.

Good Morning + Malmö

  • Address: Stadiongatan 21, Solbacken, Malmo.
  • The lowest reference room price is about: 82.65 USD

Swedish cuisine

When coming to Sweden, food is one of the things that tourists often feel very excited about. And the Swedish specialty dishes below will make this trip more perfect:

Swedish meatballs

Swedish people love to use meatballs in their meals. For them this dish is associated with the image of the woman in the family. Although processed with the main ingredient of minced meat, there are many recipes to transform this wonderful dish. The flavor of meatballs will often depend and vary greatly depending on the mood and taste at each time of the processor. Many people like to add crushed onions to the meatballs, but others prefer to make them into pomegranate seeds, bring them fried, then serve them with meat.

Anchovy salad sandwich

Swedish cuisine has a lot of traditional dishes made from seafood or salted meats to be used, preserved for long, and one of them is anchovies. Anchovy salad sandwich is the best dish to start with every meal. The dish is served with a slice of crispy bread. A special feature of the dish is the meat and anchovy eggs mixed with a sauce made from milk, cheese, and some vegetables. It would be great if used with one or several small cumin to create fragrance.

Salted herring

Swedish cuisine is rich in nutritional value and the main source of raw material is caught completely natural. Salted herring dish is very picky people eat because of its unpleasant taste.

The dish also has another name is salted herring or rotten curry typical to help many people remember the “smelly” dishes that fascinate Swedish tourists. This dish is served with sliced ​​bread, boiled potatoes, onions. Drinks served with this dish are Akvavit wine, beer or milk. Some Swedes want to eat the whole thing, but others don’t tolerate the smell, so dip it in soda water to lessen the smell.


The drinks here are mainly Akvavit, Punsch … These wines are traditional wines of the Swedish people. Not only is it alcohol, but has become a cultural symbol of this country. Enjoy Swedish specialties along with Akvavit or Punsch will enhance the flavor of the dish.
When you drink, it is important to note that male wine is not bought before 13:00 in bars, cafes or on Sundays. Drunk driving cases when detected will be severely punished.

Places to visit should not be missed when traveling Sweden

Sweden is a Nordic country that Sweden is a Nordic country that is not only a place of enormous architecture but also a beautiful natural landscape. Swedish tourists will be amazed at the harmonious combination between ancient architecture and modern architecture of this city. Besides the modern-style buildings located side by side, you can also admire the magnificent towers like the castle in fairy tales, and you can study the details of each tourist destination. This article is great: Handbook 8 places to visit you should not miss when traveling to Sweden.

Some notes when traveling Sweden

When you Entry:

  • Do not bring too much money when entering Sweden
  • When traveling to Sweden, you bring cash, or anything considered money such as checks, foreign currencies … must not carry more than 5,000 USD and 15,000,000 Vietnamese dong.
  • If you carry too much money on you, you will probably be detained by Security staff and must be declared at the airport tax station. This will be more difficult and time consuming for you.
  • When traveling to Sweden, checked baggage is allowed to bring 2 pieces of each, 23kg each. Also bring a maximum of 7kg of hand baggage.
  • You are allowed to bring your phone, camera and laptop but each person should only bring one for each of them, not too many.

When you exit:

At the end of your tour, you need to present a declaration form along with your passport, the staff will confirm and return it to you.

Other notes

  • Kroner (SEK). Rate USD 1 = 7.5 SEK.
  • Before traveling to Sweden, you should change currency into Kronor or American Dollars.
  • Sweden is very fond of using cards to pay for life expenses. Therefore, you should use credit cards: Visa or Master Card … more for this trip.
  • The cost for a 7-8-day Swedish trip is about 3000 – 5000 USD.