Desktop Calendar Free Download 2019


DesktopCal (or Desktop Calendar) is a free desktop calendar app that makes it easy to manage scheduled schedules, task lists, and scheduled appointments. If you don’t want this desktop calendar app to appear on desktop for a while, you can turn it off from the toolbox easily.

Desktop Calendar Free Download
Desktop Calendar Free Download

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The highlights of the Desktop calendar

– This app features a simple to use interface that makes it possible to use its features without too much time to learn them.

– This is an app that contains a copy so you can change the dynamic and comfortable levels as your wish includes:

  • Transparency effects
  • Background color
  • Fonts or spacing.

– Not only that, you can download this app to your computer easily here:

Desktop Calendar Features

– First, write events and reminders directly from your computer

– It has the ability to help you set different background colors for different dates to avoid confusion in your schedule

– The app helps you move data to different devices

– Print calendar pages with background images

– In addition, this is also an available application that is used in many languages of the world

Not only with the ability to record everything directly on the desktop. This is one of the perfect calendar app choices to save the necessary details on your itinerary. You won’t need to worry about forgetting a significant event just because it’s not a document that the Calendar app will always show you notifications per day when you open your personal computer.