Detailed instruction how to split a file with FFSJ


To divide a file using FFSJ you just have to follow the 5 simple steps with the menus designed by the designer publisher as follows:

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Step 1: First you open the FFSJ by double-clicking on FFSJ. exe. Then, when the main screen of the software appears, you switch to the tab “split “:

Step 2: You select the file you want to split by several options:

-Select the source file from the Open dialog box.

-Drag files from Windows and drop in the “Split ” tab

-Edit on the source file directly.

-Also, if you have the FFSJ standard installed, you can right click on the file and click “Split ” from the Shell context menu.

Step 3: At this step you can set the parameters to your preference, such as: Change the number of splits, change the output folder, change the Limit section, etc.

Step 4: Click the “Split” button, you can enter the password that you want to encrypt for the data file, and wait until File Splitter completes its task. You’ll see a message:

Step 5: So that you have finished breaking up your files out. Or you can read more articles on how to merge split files together use FFSJ. I wish you success!