FFSJ Free Download new version 2019


FFSJ: The Fastest File Splitter and Joiner is a free and essential piece of software for you or collage files.

FFSJ Free Download
FFSJ Free Download

Why install this sofware

The software allows you to perform 2 photocritical tasks that are:

– Splitting a large file into smaller files makes it easy to send and store.

– Concatenate the parts that were separated above again to become the original root file.

Download FFSJ Lite

Download FFSJ Standard

In addition, FFSJ also has the features, highlights

This softwareuses memory to optimize disk buffers to help you use 3-5 times faster than MasterSplitter, HJ-Split, WinSplit, or any other program in both split and file transfer operations.

Both the software versions that you download above are small enough so that you can put them on the floppy disk.

Not only so, This software can work perfectly well on all current Windows platforms without any required DLLS or complicated settings. It is also a new software interface simple, user friendly so that anybody can easily use it.

The Fastest File Splitter and Joiner are using advanced encryption algorithms to make your data more secure when unauthorized access is allowed.

In addition, both the software fully shared by publisher free of charge and there is absolutely no spyware, malicious, viral or any form of advertising. So you can be completely assured both the software on installation and use on your personal computer.

If you are still wondering when using FFSJ have any problems with information security, you can install an additional 1 number of reputable security software 100% at the article: Indispensable security software in our computer