Filseclab personal firewall Free Download 2019


Filseclab Personal Firewall is a firewall that allows you to control which programs can access the network and which time can be accessed. This is also one of the most important software of Filseclab.

Filseclab personal firewall Free Download
Filseclab personal firewall Free Download

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Feature Highlights of Filseclab personal firewall

The software allows you to have the right to accept or deny access to the network.

In addition, it is also a very easy to use software including for those who are less used to computers can also understand and use it. and also very powerful. With this feature, you just have to use the extra soft anti netcut and USBDeview, you can ensure the optimal security for your personal computer.

In addition to the connection filtering feature, The software also provides Web site access filtering that is independent of the browser, allowing you to block specified websites or restrict access to the list of websites.

Additional features include controlling the ICMP packages, displaying flow charts, three levels of security, and more.

The software is the best firewall that gives your network the best protection with the following special features:

– It helps you to block most attacks from worm and Trojan viruses.

– It can detect and help you to block some main adware and spyware that affect you.

– The two-layer protection system and 7-mode integration can apply to all the requirements you need.

– Verify the signature.

– Password protection can protect your own rules and configurations.

– The software makes it possible to back up and restore the rules with ease.

– The software helps to control the access to the Web pages easily.

– The software supports the two types of logfile, ASCII and binary and supports the update directly to the rule definition, traffic chart, privacy protection.

In addition, if you have questions or have other insights about software that can leave comments for everyone to discuss the Filseclab Personal firewall software.