Fix 3dsmax Error Report


It is troublesome to use 3dsmax for the animation suddenly the 3dsmax error report. Sometimes we do not know the cause why but the following article guides you to fix the 3dsmax error report effectively.

Step 1: First we open the C drive (as below screenshot)

Step 2: Select the View and volume in Show hidden files, folder, and drives (if anyone is already active, skip this step)

Step 3: After analyzing the existing Forder hidden item appears Program Data as below screenshot

Step 4: Click on Program Data and select the FLEXnet entry

Step 5: Remove 3 folders in FLEXnet as below screenshot

Finally we reopen 3dsmax and have fixed the 3dsmax error report successfully.

Or if you still have errors, you can reload the new installer without our error sharing following the link below:

= > Full set 3DsMax 2014 – Download instruction and install 3DsMax 2014

= > Full set 3DsMax 2016 – 3DsMax Installation Guide 2016