Fix 3dsmax Render error After Startup


When the new 3dsmax version is installed, sometimes we see a 3dsmax open case that freezes and appears with the Render Message error message with Production FTL: Virtual device creation failed. This article will help you to fix 3dsmax Render error After Startup.

Where 3dsmax Render error After Startup appears when your graphics Card has a problem, the following will fix the above error for you with the image that’s easiest to understand (you can’t turn off the notification panel is also okay).

= > Download Installer 3dsmax 2014 full no error

= > Download Installer 3dsmax 2016 full no error

Step 1: You click on Custommize and look to the Preferences card and click on it. After the stimulus appears to Preference Settings panel.

Step 2: You go to the Viewports item

Step 3: Find the Choose Driver section and click on it to appear in the Display Driver Selection panel

Step 4: Click on Legacy OpenGL and click OK

Step 5: After pressing OK 2 times. The next task is to deactivate 3dsmax by clicking on Task Manager looking for the 3dsmax file running and End Process as below screenshot

Finally we reopened 3dsmax to use it. So error fixing 3dsmax Render error After Startup has been fix. You can refer to other 3dsmax errors and how to fix them in the same articles “fix 3dsmax ” To avoid any unfortunate errors that occur and can be overcome in a simple way.