Foreui Free Download 2019


ForeUI is a software that allows you to design mockup/cordframe/prototype fish for your application or website interface.

Foreui Free Download
Foreui Free Download

Paths to secure downloads for all versions

The software is compatible with the operating systems Windows XP, Windows 7 Mac OS X or Wireframe.

You can download the software that is compatible with the following operating systems:

The installer version for Window

The installer version for Mac OS

The installer version Minimal Bundle

Feature Highlights of ForeUI Software

This Software offers you a wide range of functions to use such as: drag or drop including buttons, menus, tabs, scrollbars, tree controls, combo boxes and other popular GUI components.

In addition, it also has graphic tools to insert images, text, shapes, lines and more.

With this software you can easily change your archetypal style by switching the UI theme and your prototype can then be exported to a PDF document, frame image, or HTML5 simulation.

Not only that, you can install the fastest file splitter and Joiner. And you can use this software to collage files easily

Note: If you want to install Software Minimal Bundle then make sure that your personal computer is installed JRE8 + installed or you can download it here. Then you just need to download and use as usual unzip the package to run.

In particular, the HTML5 code created by Software is very high performance and can communicate directly with the following Web services at your discretion.

So you can use Software as IDE to develop real Web applications (you can watch the video below to get a better understanding of ForeUI stay here).

If you have any interesting questions or shares about ForeUI or PremUI, please comment below and we will discuss it together.