General tricks 3dsmax you need to know Part 1


Sometimes learning 3dsmax we should be interested in the factors that help you accelerate the rendering process in 3dsmax as well as during the Render process. The article below combines a 3dsmax trick should know Part 1 for you.

Tips 1: To reduce operation when using 3dsmax we should use the shortcut system for quicker operation.

Tips 2: When editing spline, poly or mesh, press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to on the subject 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 respectively, press 1 again to exit

Tips 3: When rendering should mainly be caught with vertex only for the most accurate results, and should also use the user view.

Tips 4: Glass doors are recommended using original block boxes to avoid distortion or irregular lighting.

Tips 5: Align the center of the object, which helps you rotate its respective heart: Select Tab hierarchy (at the command panel) > Tab pivot > Affect pivot only > Center to object.

Tips 6: Select objects of the same color (select colors for objects in name and color): Edit > Select by > Color.

Tips 7: When the new rendering detects that there is 1 broken image area (flight for example), we proceed to Save again and then continue using the Render region by dragging the selection that covers the damaged image area and Render the corrupted area and Save again. Use Photoshop to enter 2 faulty images and then use it OK.

Tips 8: Save the defaultsmaxMedit. Mat folder in the Material Editor pane, then when we open 3dsmax there are always 24 materials you regularly use

-Proceed to Save setting VRay on the preset panel, when you use the load setting, when rendering the context so that we edit some setting parameters is OK

-Simplify the transfer of the Standar material into 24 cells of the material Vray TA proceed:

  • Run Scrip by pressing F11
  • Then Copy and paste the following command line: for m = 1 to 24 do (meditmaterials [m] = VRayMtl ())
  • Press Enter to execute the command

Tips 9: Customize and manage your 3dsmax fast lighting with the Tools-> Light lister command.

Tips 10: To enlarge small screen using middle mouse. When rotating the view using ALT command combine the middle mouse.

Tips 11: Hold down the Shift key and drag 1 object to help you now into many other objects instead of having to use Clone.

Tips 12: Sometimes the subject is black when opening 3dsmax file, we press Ctrl + L to enable the default light source in 3dsmax (default light) to observe the subject. When Render is true to the light we set in 3dsmax, press Ctrl + L to turn off the default light source.

Tips 13: For a noticeable perspective when choosing Camera, sometimes we will be difficult to rotate. But to make it easier for us to switch the Orthographic display mode to Perpective (P command off) then use the middle button and Alt key to rotate to the most beautiful view and use the CTR + C command to create a corresponding Camera view at the moment. Multiple Camera views can be created with the right view.

Tips 14: In a perspective with a lot of objects, you can hoay in a pile of objects sometimes choosing to mistake other objects very uncomfortable. Then you select an objects to be edited, then press ALT + Q to show each one that is choosing the other objects that will be hidden for easy editing with the subject. Sometimes it is possible to right-click on the objects choose Hide Unselected to hide other objects (this function is equivalent to ALT + Q but if using ALT + Q will be faster).

Tips 15: Help the mouse pointer remain in the middle of the screen by holding down the I keyboard shortcut


In the use of 3dsmax, we often need a lot of tricks to remember so that we can make the job easier. So you can see all the sections at ” 3ds max tips ” tricks that you’ve split up to make it easier for you to remember.