Hoang Ha – The cradle of China’s ethnic civilization


The Hoang Ha civilization appeared very early, as it was marked from the earliest moments of human society, which was the West post-period gibbon to the Lam Dien orangutan period, from the great-era gibbon about three thousand years ago to the time Ding Thon (butpartly-Shanxi) was about seven thousand years ago and post-Gulf of the bay. Afterwards, the man of the people, Easter Hy, Shennong was the first person to create the fire, and the original agricultural tourist profession. These were the first tribes to open the development of the Hoang ha civilization. The Chinese ancestors were living in hunting and gathering in the Yellow River basin. The golden period of the Hoa ha civilization also originated from here.

The history of Chinese society was about 3500 years ago, when the slave society regime existed, in particular, the House of Xia, House of Commerce, and Zhou House. The Chinese ethnic precursor is the ethnic minority, so the Han population (also known as Emperor Huang) is a waterway and considers himself a descendant of the emperor. At that time, the United Nations most inhabited the central highlands. Central Highlands According to the concept of contemporary people is the center of the cosmos, so from China also birth.

The Qin Dynasty, Han, Sugar, song, and then next to Genghis Khan, has brought the Chinese ethnic reputation to the peak of splendor. Gunpowder, compass, paper making method, printing art, road competition, song from, the original is the immortal identity of Hoang Ha civilization. Chinese scientific achievements not only have the effect of promoting the country but also propagating all over the world, contributing greatly to the history of human civilization.

The Yellow River basin has not only the long-standing civilization, but also the river of friendship, bewitching scenery. In panoramic view, Hoang Ha is like a lion who is earning himself forward. From the Tibetan Plateau pulls up to the two Qinghai provinces and Gansu mountains to overlap; Shanxi and Shaanxi areas again, with high mountains and caves; Ningxia and Inner Mongolia area of the immense river, immense plateau; Crossing the Long Mon Caves to the east of the Tay Son Mountain, we can reach the North Chinese plateau, if you can proceed to the northern coast, if you continue, you can reach the coastal area of powder sea. For the Yilan County of Shaanxi Province, we can admire the majestic beauty of the Ho Tay Waterfall. It features deep, erect cliffs. The large rivers of the Yellow River basin feature a wide river surface, but the river is small and deep, so the river water is very heavily flowing. It is also one of the causes of the mighty Lake Waterfall. The passage flowing through the yellow plateau of the Yellow River, the enormous land of the plateau, causes Hoang ha to be listed on the list of rivers with the largest amount of alluvial in the world. As the water flows, the downstream of the Eastern Binh Lake on the south to the south of Jinan has many low hills and system to combat floods. The system of of Hoang Ha has formed the floating River of the world, also known as the Galaxy. The invisible Chinese is the boundary between Hai ha and Hoai ha.