How to connect PDF files using Foxit Reader


The PDF format is one of the most frequently used formats in work by the advantages of advantages such as easy to view, easy to share, compact, convenient to print, it has very good security.

If Word is a text format that you can easily edit, collage, or copy, the PDF is completely the opposite, they can only join pages together. And to do the pairing for PDF, you can use the Foxit Reader software by downloading, installing, and using the 30-day trial version here:

download now

After successfully downloading and installing Foxit Reader you just need to follow the following 5 simple steps to connect your PDF file:

Step 1: First you turn on launch software then on the menu “File ” = > “Create ” = > “Combine Files ” = > “Combine Files “.

Step 2: Select Add files… = > Add files… To include PDFS that need to pair together in Foxit Reader software.

Step 3: After the PDF files have been uploaded to Foxit Reader successfully you select the PDF files to be paired then click on “Open “.

Step 4: In this step, you need to carefully check whether the PDF files need to be correctly in order using “Move up ” and “Move down” to move the file up or down. Then you select “Combine ” To connect those files together.

Step 5: After the Foxit Reader connects the complete PDF files, you need to check the contents of the whole PDF file to see the total number of PDF pages that are sufficient and correct in order. If enough and correct page number is the file connection is successful.

Also, if in the process of connecting the file there is anything you can leave a comment below this article and we will assist you as soon as possible. I wish you success!