How to get the MD5 signature of a file using FFSJ


To get the MD5 signature of a file using FFSJ you just need to follow the 4 simple steps completely as follows:

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Step 1: After opening the software you click on the tab “MD5 Checksum “:

Bước2: At this step, you select the file to receive the MD5 signature that you want in some of the following ways:

-Select a file from the Open dialog.

-Drag files from Windows then drop in the “MD5 Checksum ” tab

-Edit on file directly

-Also, if you have the FFSJ standard installed, then you can right click on the file then click on “MD5 Checksum ” From the Shell context menu.

Step 3: You just need to click the “Get & copy” button and wait until the software is finished checking that you will see the message:

Step 4: When the message appears to be the signature


The MD5 signature has been copied to the Clipboard, then you can paste the MD5 signature into somewhere and use it with your later files. I wish you success …