How to keep food safe when power outage


How to keep food safe when power outage? This is something that all housewives are worried about. So, in this article we will give you simple steps to help make food safer when you lose power.

How to keep food safe when power outage
How to keep food safe when power outage

Keep food safe when power outage

You should open the fridge and freezer as little as possible so that the temperature in the cabinet is not drained out. This will help the cabinets can retain food longer.

Use the available stones in the cabinet and spread them out the compartments to help the temperature in the cabinet always be stable.

Check out the Leftodish food containers you are leaving in the fridge and freezer to store them, if the food is easily damaged you should remove them from your cabinet.

Group different foods with food preservation trays and to separate them to avoid infection quickly.

Also, group the frozen foods together and leave them behind to help them keep the temperatures cold longer.

Not only that, if you get disconnected in winter please follow the article How to preserve food in winter?

What should you do with a refrigerator after a

Check the temperature in a refrigerator or freezer in different cavities

Check the drawer is used to store frozen food see its temperature is above 40 °f No. If yes please check the food see if they have lost the surface layer with ice cover?

– If they no longer surround stone crystals please remove them from the refrigerator

– If they are surrounded by stone crystals, it’s still safe and you can use them

Check your refrigerator If it works back to normal and if it fails to run please check and fix it according to the article: Why the refrigerator not Working After Power Outage

An important note: You should not taste the food that is in the refrigerator because it will no longer guarantee food safety. You should only determine whether it is safe by looking at the color of the food that has unusual changes, whether or not it is a milestone, or the steps we have just above.