How to merge split files together use FFSJ


To merge the files that are split together using FFSJ, there is a very important note that when you split the file you have to put all the small files with the same name, except for their extensions for example : (. 001,. 002,. __ A,. __b, etc.). Then you follow 6 simple steps as follows:

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Step 1: Once the FFSJ software has been launched, you click the “Join ” tab:

Step 2: Then you select the first small file (. 001 or. __a file). There are several ways to select the first small first file as follows:

  • Select the first file from the Open dialog

  • Drag the first file from Windows and drop it in the “Join ” tab

  • Edit on first file directly

  • Alternatively, if you have the FFSJ standard installed, you can right-click on the section “Split” and click “Join ” from the Shell context menu.

Step 3: In this step you need to check the list of small files from the drop down list to avoid errors due to the wrong list.

Step 4: You can set the parameters according to your personal preferences such as: Specify your split sections in different positions, change the output file, etc.

Step 5: Click the “Join ” button, then enter the password if your split files are password protected when you split the file and wait until the “File Joiner ” completes the task. You’ll see a message:

Step 6: When you receive a message then the split files have been unified into the original file. To prevent you from separating the wrong file from leading to non-merge them, you should read through a way to split the file using the FFSJ that we previously shared. I wish you success!