How to preserve food in winter?


How to preserve food in winter? This is one of the problems that always make the housewife in the family feel anxious.

As you know, at the time of the middle of summer and autumn, it is time for us to suffer from the threats associated with the weather. This is the time of major hurricanes in the year that often occur.

How to preserve food in winter?
How to preserve food in winter?

For little storms, things don’t have too much to worry about. But for major hurricanes, the power outage will make your home freezer turned off and food for your family will be completely damaged if you don’t have measures in front of you.

It is for that reason that in this article we will share to you the things to keep in mind to help for food in the family these days are always guaranteed to be safe.

Preserve food in winter when power outage

– For refrigerators, it can keep food safe for up to 4 hours. As for the freezer is 48 hours, so you make sure that your cabinets are sealed as much as possible.

– Use snow and ice that you are available in the cabinet to keep the temperature in the cabinet always in the best state.

– Not only so, if the amount of stone available in the cabinet is almost all you can create more by using bottles, jars or buckets filled with water and leave them outside until freezing. You can use those homemade ribbons to help your food.

Important notes especially when power outage

– You let the fresh meats, food surplus to the door or best is out a separate tray to other foods such as juices, vegetable,… Not contaminated.

– Many people always try to use winter weather as a refrigerator and they leave the map out and think it was safe. This is one of their most messed things that you shouldn’t follow.

What you should do when you have the power back

– First, you check the refrigerator if it has been active again. In some cases you will encounter the case that the fridge will no longer work, if that happens you need to read and follow the instructions in article: Why the refrigerator not Working After Power Outage

– Next, check the temperature in the refrigerator whether it is above 40 °f and if it is at that temperature, you need to remove the fresh food that is in the cabinet.

– In addition, you thoroughly examine each type of food that is in the cabinet and make sure that you have removed the already flavored food, unusual colors or around them no longer stone crystals.

To ensure your family is in good health, you are always prepared for the worst possible weather situations that affect your family’s food sources. Wish you and your family always have the best health status!