How to troubleshoot open drives with “OpenWith… “


Error opening the drive is “OpenWith… “ Always makes you feel uncomfortable and takes a long time then in this article will guide you to 3 ways to fix this error in detail

Why the machine failed to open the drive “OpenWith.. “?

When you use a computer that encounters a double drive status or icon, the message is “OpenWith..” “It is because your computer has been infected with the Autorun virus into the system.

3 How to fix the disk with “OpenWith.” “

Way 1: You open “Folder Options ” Then click on the folder “View “. Then you accumulate on “Show hidden files, folders, and drives “.

NOTE: Every operating system has a different way of opening “Folder Options ” So you should read the article how to open “Folder Options ” In Windows XP, 7, 8,… To be more easy to get.

Then remove the traces in “Hide extensions for known file types ” and “Hide protected opereting System files (Recommended) ” and press “Ok”.

Finally you rejoin each root of the drive in the computer and delete the file “Aurorun. inf”, the RECYCLED folder and both Gile SETUP. exe (if any) and restart your computer is going OK

Way 2: You go to “My computer ” select “Search ” next to you select “All File and Folder ” then you name “Autorun. inf ” and select “Search “.

Once the search is complete, you delete the entire file “Aurorun. inf” and restart your computer immediately. In addition, this is how it may have to rework 2.3 times because you have not deleted all the file “Aurorun. inf” Still hidden, so if to make the most sure you can do it in the 3rd way

Way 3: Go to “Start ” select “Run ” and type “cmd ” and “OK “

When the Command window appears, you type the following commands (remember to type each 1 line command).


ATTRIB C:\ -s-h-r


After you’ve typed it in, reboot your machine, you deleted the file “Aurorun. inf” successfully in drive C. You continue to do the same with the rest of the drives offline. I wish you success!