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iCloner is software that helps anyone who uses ipod can rest assured use as it will help users backup and restore ipod data when corrupted, erased, lost or stolen easily. Unlike other ipod software iCloner supports compressing your backup images to save drive space.

You can download the ICloner software here:

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The iCloner software allows the user to select data to be backed up, compress the backup image to save space for the drive, and make the data backup process guaranteed to have no unusual problems.

Besides, your backup file will be in WHB format for easy sharing.

Not only that, a remarkable advantage of iCloner that you need to know is that it can be stored on portable hard drives, USB flash drives, even
iCloner with your mobile devices… This will be the advantage to help you actively use the program wherever you are and wherever you are.

Below will be the sum of the main features of iCloner:

  • -Supports identification and detection of any iPod device.
  • -Select data to backup and support data compression needs backup.
  • -File Backup in WHB format.
  • -Allows storage on removable hard drives, USB flash drives or even with mobile devices.