InSinkErator Water Dispenser User Manual


InSinkErator water dispenser is one of the water purifier lines that are being used quite popular because its design can be easily coordinated with many different types of kitchen space. Not only that, you can also easily use InSinkErator water dispenser with only 5 easy manual steps below.

Mount the Head & Filter Bracket in InSinkErator Water Dispenser

Mount the Head & Filter Bracket

Install the head and bracket assembly so that all plumbing connections can be made without stretching, kinking, or pinching the 3/8″ polyethylene tubes. The tubes can be cut to make installation easier. Make sure the mounting location allows for the filter cartridge to be removed and replaced.

The filter system is equipped with a vent line that opens when the filter cartridge is removed. Under normal conditions, approximately 2 ounces (~60 cc)

of water is discharged from the vent. To conveniently redirect this discharge, a 6” section of gray tubing is provided. If you wish to install, simply slide one end of the gray tube over the vent and the other end into the hole on the head & bracket assembly.

With a pencil, mark the mounting hole locations. Pre-drilling pilot holes (1/8″ dia.) may be required. Attach the mounting bracket using the screws provided.

Note: Do not locate the filter directly above an electrical outlet or other electrical components.

Connect Filter into Filter Bracket

Connect Filter into Filter Bracket

Remove the cap from cartridge. Inspect the cartridge for any damage. Make sure the O-rings are present and positioned correctly in the grooves. Moisten the O-rings with water.

Do not use petroleum products to lubricate the O-rings. Insert the filter cartridge into the head & bracket assembly.

Align the “IN/OUT” mark on the filter cartridge with the mark on the head & bracket assembly and rotate until the “LOCK” mark on the filter aligns with the mark on the head & bracket assembly (approx. 90˚). Note: If the O-ring is breached, water will leak from the head and bracket assembly. To remedy, remove the filter cartridge, inspect O-ring and reinstall.

Make Plumbing Connections

Make Plumbing Connections

With all of the components secured in place, the tubing connections can be made. When routing the tubing between components, several guidelines should be observed:

– Tubing runs should generally follow the contour of the cabinet rather than interfere with the cabinet storage area.

– Arrange the tubing so that there are no sharp bends. Leave some extra length in the tubing for ease of servicing, then cut tubing to the desired length.

– Insert tubes completely into all quick-connect fittings to the stop (minimum depth of 1/2″). Completely insert 3/8″ polyethylene tubing into inlet and outlet sides of the filter head.

– The polyethylene tubes can be cut, but caution should be exercised to ensure that a clean (burr-free) cut is made, perpendicular to the tube.
Completely insert 3/8″ polyethylene tubing from the outlet side of filter head into the 3/8″ to 1/4″ divider (“Y” quick-connect fitting). This divider allows the system to supply one or two plumbing fixtures with filtered water.

To connect one plumbing fixture:

To connect one plumbing fixture

Completely insert the plumbing fixture’s 1/4″ copper tubing into one of the outlets of the “Y” fitting. In the other outlet of the “Y” fitting, insert the provided plug.

To connect two plumbing fixtures:

To connect two plumbing fixtures

Completely insert both plumbing fixture’s 1/4″ copper tubes into both outlets of the “Y” fitting.

Discard the provided plug.

To remove a tube

To remove a tube from its quick-connect fitting, depress the release ring into the fitting and gently pull the tube away from the fitting.

Connect to Cold Water Supply Line

Connect to Cold Water Supply Line

Supplied with the unit is a brass nut, ferrule and tube insert to connect the polyethylene tube from the input side of the filter to a standard 3/8″ compression fitting. Other plumbing connections are possible – check with a qualified plumber should you have questions.

Slide the nut and ferrule over the tube and then push in the tube insert. Insert the tube into a standard 3/8″ compression fitting (not supplied) and tighten. Be careful not to overtighten.

Note: Connect the filter to the cold water supply only.

Test the Water Connection

Test the water connection to see if it is watertight. If it is not, relieve water pressure by turning off the water supply, and adjust or tighten fittings as necessary.

F201 Chemical & Mechanical Reduction Filter Specifications:

(Use replacement cartridge F-201R) This cartridge (included with the system) provides mechanical and chemical reduction of dirt/rust, taste/odor, chlorine and particulates.

Filter Capacity: 500 gallons, depending on local water conditions. Note that while the testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions, actual performance may vary.

Test the Water Connection

Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. For cold water use only. Systems must be installed and operated in accordance with the Manufacturer’s recommended procedures and guidelines. See warranty card for warranty. For service and parts, contact your local dealer or In-Sink-Erator directly at 1-800-558-5700.

Application guidelines/Water Supply Parameters for NSF Testing: Service flow of 0.75 gpm, community or private well water supply, water pressure of 30-125 psi, water temperature of 33˚F–100˚F . Except as noted, all testing performed at pH = 7.5±0.5, Flow: 0.75 gpm, Pressure: 60 psi, Temp:20˚±3˚C.

Contact an authorized In-Sink-Erator service agent for repairs or replacement components.

Warranty Information 

Full 1 Year Warranty: Covers all replacement parts and repair labor to correct defects in material or workmanship in the filter system, excluding the replaceable filter cartridge, for the full warranty period from the date of installation in your home. If warranty service is required during the warranty period, contact an authorized In-Sink-Erator service agent to replace or repair the unit in your home at no cost to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary. If the manufacturer determines that the unit should be replaced rather than repaired, the warranty on the replacement unit will be limited to the unexpired term of the original warranty. No other expressed warranty, written or oral, applies.

Warranty is determined by the serial number of the unit installed and the date of installation. A purchase or installation receipt may be required to verify warranty status. The foregoing warranty does not apply to damage or inoperation resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, improper installation, any installation not in accordance with these instructions, or installations not in accordance with local plumbing codes. We do not assume any consequential damage. Warranty will be voided if installed in a commercial or industrial situation.

If you have questions concerning your unit or when service is needed, please call for the name of the nearest authorized service center.

If Your Unit Does Not Operate, contact your authorized service center or In-Sink-Erator.

When writing or calling, give the following information: date, your name, address and phone number. Describe the product by model number, serial number, date purchased, place purchased, service history (include name and address of service agent) and clearly describe the problem and service required.