Loire Valley – The royal Garden of France


If you enjoy the most characteristic of France’s landscapes, there are two places where one should be romantic Paris and the two, the Loire Valley. To the city of Paris, which ignores the Loire valley, it is considered that you have not yet set foot in France.

Loire Valley - The royal Garden of France
Loire Valley – The royal Garden of France

Geographical location of the Loire Valley

Loire bends in France, its total length is 1012km, this is the largest, most beautiful river in France. The river is associated with the vicissitudes of the history of France, which witnessed the despair of the dynasties, nourished the French generation, worthy of the title “The Mother River of France”.

Especially in the central region of Loire, the small hills are located on the banks of the river, followed by Peach Gardens, castles, old buildings… All that make up “the Royal Garden of France”.

The Loire Valley is not far from Paris, only about 150km away, so it is the ideal tourist destination of the Parisians.

History of the Loire Valley

During the French – English war, the French Imperial emperors evacuated to the Loire valley, so they also called the “King Valley”.

The terrain in the Loire Valley area, however, but the natural landscape in pure harmony, with grassland, has green forest and many hills lying on the waterfront. Highlight the natural painting that is the old castle populations.

In this populations, there are castles built in the NINTH century. The majority of the castles were built to be the local Lord’s stopover when hunting, or the dwelling place of leadership.

By the beginning of the XV century, when the French kingdom emigrated to the basin, he built a lot of castles, into the sarcophagus, with a castle consisting of over 80 palace. Each castle is brightly decorated and associated with stories about a great rank.

Since the Middle Ages, it has been the resting place of the noble crown, so it is also considered a spiritual sanctuary, the cradle of the Renaissance cultural movement.

General Charles de Gaulle once said, the Loire Valley is the source of the French spirit. Wangerde said: “Loire is one of the most charming rivers in France, on the water in the shadow of 100 city and 50 the stronghold.”

The castle, white wine, writer is the three biggest characteristic of the Loire valley. There are not only the castles in the castle, but also the delicious white wine. Good wine, beautiful scenery has inspired the poetry to tell how the talented writers.

Kimberly-a famous modern novel pen born here once said: “Where I was born and fed me is the Loire Valley-a member of France.”

Next to Voltaire, Balzac, Rouseau are all characters of the Loire history. The writings of Balzac are written at this land. Among those master authors, emerged from a beautiful female writer, talent of the publication of which was George Sand’s writer. Famous for the Loire Valley, the name of the lady is again contributing to the radiance of her homeland.

It is possible to say, the life and works of the French literary classes are closely tied to the Loire Valley, and they make the French royal garden forever Radiant with time.

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