Microsoft Office 2007 Full Installer – Microsoft Office download and Installation Guide 2007


Microsoft Office 2007 is one of the many versions used to replace the earlier Microsoft Office version Line 2003 due to its more handy features when used. It works well on computers with medium upwards configurations and works on Windows operating system versions such as Xp, Windows 7,…

First to use see the download instructions and install the Microsoft Office 2007 full suite here:

Download Office 2007 Home and Student

Download Office 2007 Ultimate

Download Office 2007 Standard

Download Office 2007 Pro

Download Office 2007 Enterprise

Installation instructions for Office 2007

2007 Microsoft Office Installer is installed for the operating system Windows Xp or Windows 7/8/ 8.1 And you can install Microsoft Office 2007 Following these simple steps:

Step 1: After loading one of the installers above you unzip the file and start the installation as normal. The system will ask you to fill out the “Copyright code ” of your product to proceed with the installation. “Copyright Code ” You can buy from dealers or order online. You remember to find the code of the version you are using, the name of the version you can see above the settings window.

After filling out the product key you press “Continue ” to continue.

Step 2: After the Serial fill is complete, another window is showing you a preliminary introduction to the terms of use of the software, introducing some features and minimal configuration to use Microsoft Office 2007.

– If you agree to the publisher’s terms, you click on the box next to “I accept term of this agreement “. Then click cell “Continue “.

Step 3: A new window appears, which requires you to choose where to install the software. You can set it by default by clicking on the Install now box. If you want to customise your settings, tap the “Cuztomize ” box.

Note: If you select the Customize settings mode, the system will open up a new number. This window requires the user to set which tool files to install in the computer, the message store. You should reduce the applications you do not use to save hard drive space. Once you’re done adjusting, click Install now.

Whether you choose the mode “Install Now ” or “Customize ” It will eventually come to the next stage that the software is installed on the computer.

Step 4: After the installation is complete 100%, a new window has occurred. Notify the user that the installation process was successful. You click “Close ” so that the installation is complete.

This is the most popular Microsoft Office 2007 installation method today. This setting makes it possible for your computer to install without having to connect to the Internet. In addition, this installation will support software optimization with the system and avoid faulty status during use.