Microsoft Office 2010 Full Installer – Microsoft Office download and Installation Guide 2010


Microsoft Office 2010 is a suite of software that supports text editing, email management, creating slideshows,… Office 2010 has been improved, upgraded over the previous text editor support Tools with a new interface, integrates many intelligent features that serve the power of computer users in work and learning

If the user is already too familiar with the Office 2007, Office 2010 doesn’t have to be surprised because it is generally developed on an existing platform, but if you are using Office 2007, the new features are not yet Updates including later versions of the supplement.

One of the changes users noticed was the Office 2010 split compartment in Ribbo, the addition of the document preview function before performing a cut/paste, improved multimedia editing features, capable of projecting the Broadcast in PowerPoint , the ability to play slide pages such as a video, Quick Steps feature in Outlook, create a thumbnail chart in Excel 2010, the security settings are stronger.

Full download of Microsoft Office versions 2010

First to use see the download instructions and install the Microsoft Office 2010 full Suite here:

Download Office 2010 Pro 32Bit

Download Office 2010 Pro 64Bit

Office Installation Guide 2010

Micrsoft Office 2010 is compatible with popular operating systems today such as Win XP, Win 7, win 8, win 10, Office 2010 for the MacBook. Below will be a detailed guide to the installation steps for Office 2010

Step 1: After you download the compatible Microsoft Office 2010 Installer for your computer, you proceed to extract the normal Office 2010 installer, and then click the ProfessionalPlus. exe file to proceed with the installation. Next you enter the installation key and press “Continue” to continue.

Step 2: You will have 2 choices for your settings including:

  • Install Now: If you choose this option, it means that all applications that are in the Microsoft Office suite 2010 will be set to the series. (If you are not yet fluent in settings, choose this option.)
  • Customize: Allows us to remove some unnecessary applications, which optimizes the use of computer memory space.

Step 3: In this step you’ll see the software that lists the applications that are available in the installer. Now remove unnecessary apps by clicking on the app — > select Not Available — > Install Now to continue the installation.

You will see the installation process started and you just have to let that software install.

Step 4: Once the installation is successful, you just need to click “Close” to finish.

This setting makes it possible for your computer to install without having to connect to the Internet. In addition, this installation will support software optimization with the system and avoid faulty status during use. I wish you the successful installation!