Microsoft Office 2013 Full Installer – Microsoft Office Download and Installation Guide 2013


Microsoft Office 2013 is the next version of Office suite from Microsoft with many new things that give users great experience when downloading and using. The biggest changes in Office 2013 can be described as the interface has been beautifully redesigned, more elegant and gentle.

Text editing, spreadsheet, slideshow, email, data sharing features are improved to suit user requirements. This version has been completely new in design lines compared to the old versions, which still include small applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote and Outlook, but have been adding more new features and gadgets , better compatibility on the operating system platforms.

First to use the one you download in the Microsoft Office 2013 full set below:

The Microsoft Office 2013 32bit Full Installer

The Microsoft Office 2013 64bit full

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Pro 32bit

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Pro 64bit

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Standard 32bit

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Standard 64bit

Download Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 32bit

Download Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 64bit

Microsoft Office Installation Guide 2013

First if you’re still using a previous version of Microsoft Office then you should remove the entire Office earlier in order to avoid errors during the installation, and then you follow the steps of the simple installation instructions below :

Step 1: After you have downloaded the Office installer 2013 about the machine then you unzip then click on the installation file as usual. The table appears, if you want to install full software, select “Install Now ” And if you want to install only the necessary software, select “Customize “.

Step 2: If you select “Customize “, a table will appear allowing you to choose the software you want, click on the small triangle > Not Available > Install Now, the software is less user-normal:

  • Microsoft InfoPath: Create forms (Form).
  • Microsoft Publisher: Calendar design, book cover, invitations…
  • Microsoft Lync: Unified communications Solutions, for enterprise use.

Step 3: Wait for the installation software to complete, click “Close “.

NOTE: If you want to use the full functionality of your version of Office 2013, select “Install Now ” and then purchase the copyright Key to install it. And this article will introduce you to use the basic functions through “Customize “.