NTFS drive protection Free Download 2019


NTFS Drive Protection is a utility not so lacking on your computer if you want to protect your removable drives. The utility helps the malicious software not to create Autorun. inf files by creating a read-only volume.

NTFS drive protection Free Download
NTFS drive protection Free Download

Download and install software NTFS

To help with the installation and during the use of software without errors, you should download the full version of this software according to the share link below:

download now

After loading the full version above about the machine, you only need to install in normal order as other simple software.

In addition, this is a fairly easy-to-use software as it is supported by developers in many different languages. That’s why you can easily use its amazing features through notes.

Outstanding Features of NTFS

This software helps extract stored files to a specified folder and execute archives that contain the settings, configuration, HTML Help files compiled.

NTFS Drive Protection is designed to instantly display a small window that allows you to select the drive you want to protect. A check box in the upper right section allows you to choose whether you want the application to display all drives or not.

In addition, the application also has options for you to create a folder that does not need protection and gives it a name you want, also if you do not give the folder a name then NTFS defaults to the name “_unprotected “.

Not only So, this software also has special function that is that you can use it to format the drive, perform some disk management tasks or remove the hardware securely.

Although this is a free application, but like the Anti Netcut software and USB protection WriteProtector then this is also the software that you should not ignore for your computer if you really want to protect your PC for personal use.

If you have any questions or comments about the app please leave a comment below this article so we can discuss it.