RunAsDate Free Download 2019


RunAsDate is the date/time recording software that you specify into the desired application without changing the current system date and time of your computer. So with this software you can run it on multiple applications at the same time and each application is an entirely different date/time.

RunAsDate Free Download
RunAsDate Free Download

Download RunAsDate 32bit or 36bit

In order for you to easily opt for 32bit or 64bit machines, you can download the following suitable software:

Download and install a version 32bit

Download and install a version 64bit

Outstanding features of RunAsDate

The way that this software works on the computer is to block the calls to kernel APIS that return the current date and time (GetSystemTime, GetLocalTime, GetSystemTimeAsFileTime) to replace them with the date/time that you specified in the actual time of the date/time on the computer that is still running Often.

You can install additional software Wintools to use with this software

Alternatively, you can use this software in a completely simple way by opening the software application and then selecting the same date/time as the software (application) you want to install for it.

Next you just press the “Run” button to have the software (application) start running by the date/time you just configured.