Santorini – The island of Greek angels


Santorini belongs to the Cycladic cluster on the Aegean Sea of Greece. It has long been known for its erect cliffs that embrace the black sandy coastline characteristic of the volcanic bush, along with the unique architectural features of the two shades of white and sky blue.

Meaning of santorini name

The island was named Santorini in the 13th century with inspiration from St. Irene (Saint Irene). Previously, the island was called Kallístē (Καλλίστη, meaning “most beautiful island”), Strongýlē (Στρογγύλη, “Round Island”), or Thēra.

Santorini - The island of Greek angels
Santorini – The island of Greek angels

Thēra was the official name of the island in the 19th century but the name Santorini (named after Saint Irene) is more common than it should be used to this day. In the Ottoman Empire, the Turks called the island by the name “Saturin” or “Santoron”. Alternatively, you can easily learn about the history of the island of Santorini on Wikipedia.

Interesting things when coming to island

To reach Santorini, you will take a night on the Blue Star ferry from the port of Piraeus in Athens (the capital of Greece). If there is no fake time fund, you may be able to fly from Athens straight to Santorini in less than an hour.

On your ferry ride, you’ll be watching the beautiful moon on the Mediterranean Sea. Then until the port of Thira in Santorini, you can stroll around the foothills to get into the heart of the island, slowly enjoying the backdrop of the magnificent cliffs. Not only that, the feeling of the sea is lower under your feet is really interesting. When visiting Santorini you will be surprised to be in a European country but in front of the scene, the architectural style of cave house like the pre-history, and the calculation must be very thorough, dexterity can be done in the body of the mountain Such standard dome houses that still ensure the ventilation system is rhythmic-cool on summer and warm on the east. And this architecture radically consistent in color to the overall view of Santorini as a basket filled with white Li-mushrooms emerging between the Mediterranean green. Santorini also owns the distinctive green of seawater and the sky. In the same colors of heaven and sea, the space here becomes wide and mineral so that it feels like “mushroom basket” is a huge time in the clouds, when stamping the wave.

When you are on the island, you will feel like all the works in Santorini are painted white, from churches, houses to hotels, all highlighted in the ocean and blue sky. The identification of a typical architectural form of the dome and the symmetrical window cells plus the consistency of white-green cobalt is actually a perfect choice, without the lack of boredom or monotonous , which, conversely, makes an impression of a harmonious and distinctive overall for the island, bringing the feeling of purity and elegance. Besides the characteristic, each house still has its own charm with the doors carrying slight variations or secrets as a maze, with red, purple, orange, yellow spots gently on the door border , awnings, especially small and romantic balconies that rise to the sea.

Housing architecture of santorini
Housing architecture of santorini

In the distance, the houses on top of Oia ranks high in the ladder, the difference on the side of the mountainside creates a very distinctive beauty for Santorini. Most of the houses here are small as a mushroom, the dome of the funny team on the head, whether on the plane or the edge of the cliff. It seems that the glare of the sun appears to be bright, with a number of arches, windows and blue-colored railings that are cool, harmonious. Because of this setting, Santorini has become the main backdrop of the famous music movie Mama Mia.

Sunsets on the island are considered one of the most glorious landscapes in the world. It is known that this is the place of marriage for many couples with a romantic setting in the sunset. As at any angle, the scenery in Santorini is the perfect natural backdrop to capture the happiest moments of love. For a long time, the European couple, and recently Japan, South Korea have come to Santorini for wedding photography, enjoy a romantic and unique honeymoon vacation. I believe that everyone will feel really happy to set foot in the island, by being deeply in every corner of the soul, will always be filled with the energy streams of colour and light.

Sunset on Santorini Island
Sunset on Santorini Island

Santorini excess of originality as well as the immense sea water surrounding the island, but lacks fresh water. Little rain falls on the island, living water must be transported from the mainland and partially processed in place. While the precious freshwater source, natives and tourists can comfortably see the private beauty of the Sea of Santorini: The sea is changed according to the Sun radiation during the day, then the green, when sparkling silver light , when it is glowing orange dyed by sunset. You can sail, bike, rent a motorcycle, or even hire a donkey that takes us to play all over the island. The people of Santorini often joke with tourists that, this city has more churches than houses, tricking more people and delicious wine than fresh water.

The island architecture of Santorini was almost newly built after the 1956 historic earthquake, which made many places on the island the same desert as the present day. You can visit the Megaron Gyzi Museum on the island to see the photographs of Santorini in the past.

Due to its caldera, it is now common to have mild seismic attacks. On average one night, the island rocked 5-7 times, with an intensity of about 5.1 Richter degrees. If you are an unexplored traveler, you can rent a boat to the inside of the world’s largest volcano. It is a very interesting mountain where the mouth is located 400m below the surface of seawater. Experts predict that volcanoes on the sea can erupt at any time. However, the attractions and amusement of Santorini always make visitors to this beautiful island every year.