Softperfect Ram Disk Free Download 2019


Softperfect Ram Disk is a software that helps you manage all your RAM disks on your computer, thus making it easy to use your computer in the most optimal way.

Softperfect Ram Disk Free Download
Softperfect Ram Disk Free Download

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This is also a RAM disk application that allows you to create an easy virtual drive located in the computer RAM that is accessible in Windows Explorer and other applications and full of all features like that of other storage devices , except that it is in your computer’s memory.

Moreover, with Softperfect Ram Disk will help you easily use the RAMDisk and prolong the life of your hard drive because Windows and other third-party applications often create a large amount of temporary files in just a short time.

In Windows you can configure to use the RAMDisk for temporary files, so the system and most other applications will use the disk in fast memory for their temporary data. In addition, you should read the article 9 ways to help your computer ram work best

Why you should not ignore Softperfect Ram Disk

– The software will help to use your computer’s performance much higher than usual.

– The software helps you to minimize the wear and tear of the physical disks due to temporary files that are not written to the hard disk, so there will be fewer cycles of reading/write than this, which is especially important for your drive to prolong life.

– You will almost no more garbage on the hard drive due to the contents of the ramdisks being deleted each when the computer is restarted or turned off.

– The file system on your hard disk will be less fragmented because temporary files will never be written to the hard disk.

– System used on less hard disk so noise and heat from the hard disk will also be less.