Synthesize common error codes of Samsung microwaves


The common error codes of Samsung microwaves if it happens when your family is welcoming important guests, it is really a very annoying thing.

Your microwave is using normal suddenly the microwave ovens display error codes and cannot be used anymore. If that happens to you, please read our article right away and fix the error code for your Samsung microbreweries to be able to reuse instantly.

Synthesize common error codes of Samsung microwaves
Synthesize common error codes of Samsung microwaves

NOTE: When the microwave is the first error code, you rotate the breaker or unplug the microwave until the deletion of the error code is complete.

Common error codes of Samsung microwaves

– Samsung microwaves showing E-11 or 11 error codes: This is the fault code of the moisture sensor/gas sensor OR The wire harness problem

– Samsung microwaves showing SE error code: The keypad or electronic control Panel of the microbreweries has been defective

– Microwave Samsung Current Error code 5E: keyboard or electronic dashboards have been corrupted

– Samsung microbreweries Show C-DO error code: You need to review the door or lock because it has been defective

– Samsung Microwaves existing C-10 error code: Gas sensor/Easy/PH in your microwave wallet has failed

– Samsung Microwaves present C-A1 error code: Your microwave is not able to open/close the damper in 60 seconds

– Microwave Samsung Existing error code 7: This is the Flip Breaker/Cut Power error code to reset

– Microwave Samsung currently Code TE error: Your touch communication has failed

– Samsung Microwaves now E-24 error code: The temperature in your microwave is high that needs to be readjusted

– Samsung microwaves showing E-36 error code: If this code appears, you have been corrupted

– Samsung microwaves showing E-02 error code: If this code is present, you have an error when installing cooking time.