The third-extreme Chomolungma peak of the world


The Chomolungma peak of the Himalayas is the highest mountain in the world, with an altitude above the sea 8844, 43m. Chomolungma is Tibetan meaning “snow goddess”. There is the opinion that the world consists of three poles, namely the Arctic, Antarctica and the Chomolungma peak. Conquering the highest peak in the world is a huge challenge for extreme sports, but still no climber has been attracted by the grandeur of the Chomolungma peak.

In 1921, a climbing team from England led by Lieutenant Charles Horward Bury carried out the peak conquest of Chomolungma, but the result climbed to a height of 7000m. In 1922, one of England’s other climbing teams carried out a climbing expedition, using the oxygen vase, which the altitude was 8320m. In 1924, the British third mountaineering team reached the top of Chomolungma, in which Geoge Mallory and Andrew Owen equipped an oxygen-assisted breathing vase. The unfortunate thing that happened to both explorers, they were missing while climbing to the top. Mallory’s body was discovered in 1999 at an altitude of 8150m, but the camera he brought was not found, so one could not know Andrew Owen nor Geoge Mallory the first to conquer the Chomolungma peak.

On 29 May 1953, members of the British climbing team named Edmund Hillary 34, the New Zealanders and the Nepali Tenzing Norgay, have co-glazed the southeast cliff to climb to the top of Chomolungma , the record climbed to the first peak was set. In 1956, Albert Aguiler was the second of human history to successfully conquer the Chomolungma peak. On 25 May 1960, three Chinese people, Wang Phu Chau, Cong do, and Ngan Hoa have successfully climbed to the highest peak in the world. This is the first time that humans can climb on top of the mountain on the north side. From there onwards a lot of others climbed to the top of Chomolungma. Although no fewer bad climbers were ever out in the midst of the snow that covered the mist, the climbing was still the same as the magnet that gave a strong attraction to many of the adventurous favorites. That is to present the belief and courage of man before the difficult challenges, and also affirm the truth: people always win before nature.