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ThumbsPlus is an application that supports more than 100 file formats, raster, vector, font and multimedia as well as RAW formats of digital cameras that can be added through the plug-in that will help you to sort, see , edit, print, create a catalogue and find all your graphic files.

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It supports over a hundred formats digital cameras, raster, vector, font and multimedia. It provides excellent thumbnails, comprehensive graphical databases with keywords, user-defined fields, and an easy to use and customizable user interface.

In addition, Thumbs Plus provides thumbnails, graphical databases, search for duplicate files and advanced search queries based on specific image attributes to help you manage your image collection with ease.

This software also includes unique features that help you to edit to improve image quality, apply filters to create photo libraries, print contact sheets.v.v.

I wish you download, successfully installed ThumbsPlus software and if you have any questions or would like to share this software, please leave a comment below so we can discuss.