USB WriteProtector Free Download 2019


USB WriteProtector is a software that helps you to prevent copying information from a computer to a USB stick if you do not want. The app also makes your USB stick undocumented, wiping data, or reformatting your drive to keep your USB safe.

USB WriteProtector Free Download
USB WriteProtector Free Download

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Information about USB WriteProtector software

The software is able to disable all USB devices of the various manufacturers that help record the USB data and secure your device securely, especially with the important personal data.

Now, it is a USB protection application used by many people in the world to prevent viruses from entering USB computer or vice versa to steal important information in your computer.

Not only that, when using this software, you do not only prevent the state from copying data from your computer to USB, but the application does not allow others to copy or erase data stored on your USB. After you do not use these features anymore, copying the data to a USB disk will work correctly.

The main features of USB WriteProtector

– Prevent copying status to USB.

– Prevent write status, wipe data.

– Multilingual support.

– Compact, easy-to-use capacity.

In addition, you should refer to the USB Flash Security tool with the ability to create passwords in a completely simple way but it can protect your USB thoroughly even if you lose the USB.